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An Interview with Kevin Sorbo

Make It Clear - An Interview with Kevin Sorbo

Be sure to tune into listen to an exciting two part interview with Actor, Producer, and Director Kevin Sorbo at MakeItClearRadio.com. Hear about his Christian Faith and his work in Faith-Based Film.  You can see Kevin in such films as "Let There Be Light" "God's not Dead" "One Nation Under God" including his soon to be released film "Miracle in East Texas."

Dr. Ponz talks with Kevin about his faith and his struggle with a near life and career-ending health issue.  Find out about how Hercules became a man who stands for Jesus.

Besides his successful career in entertainment, Kevin has always devoted a hearty portion of his time to causes he believes in. In 2005 he was named successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger as the national spokesperson for The Afterschool Alliance, a nonprofit working to ensure that all children have access to quality after-school programs, and since ‘97 Kevin has donated his time as the spokesperson for the nonprofit organization, A World Fit For Kids. Please visit WorldFitForKids.org to learn more.

Welcome to Make It Clear Ministries

Make It Clear - Welcome to Make It Clear Ministries

Make It Clear Ministries prepares Christians worldwide to communicate the message -- eternal salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone!

Through in-person, on-radio, as well as in-print resources, we equip individuals, churches, academic institutions, mission organizations, and ministries to present the message of salvation in a biblically correct, clear, compassionate, courageous, consistent, and cheerful way.

Make It Clear Ministries is an international ministry with evangelism and church planting training in countries worldwide.

The bottom line is that Make It Clear Ministries exists to be used by God to ensure that more people hear the gospel in more places every day and that Christians are equipped to train others to do the same.

Speaking Schedule for Dr. Stan Ponz - Founder

If you would like to have Stan speak at your church or event please email us at TellMeMore@FloridaBibleCollege.com
Make It Clear - Dr. Stan Ponz

Meet and Greet Dessert

Wednesday, August 21 at 7:00 PM

If you live in the Denver area, we would enjoy having you, your family, and friends join with us to hear more about Make It Clear Ministries and Florida Bible College.  Please RSVP by contacting us at 808-220-8423 or stanponz@makeitclear.org so we have plenty of dessert!         

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